Exploring the of Different Types of Scatter Cushions

The interiors and furnishings of a house, they say, reflect the personality of the people living in it. Bright and vibrant interiors is not something that all can live in. But sometimes the pastel shades can leave your home looking dull and lifeless. What does one do in these circumstances? Do not worry, scatter cushions are here to add life, colour and brightness to those dull rooms. Scatter cushions add the much needed magic to any space. The trend for scatter cushions started way back in the 50s or maybe 60s, but the most important thing is that it has stayed on till date. Surely it has evolved over time and the range and different types of scatter cushions available today are very different from the original ones, but the basic nature and purpose of using scatter cushions remains the same; to add that extra spark.

Where to find Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions have become a basic necessity for any home décor. They are available at all home furnishing stores on the high street, often quite cheaply. 

If you're looking for something that extra bit special and something your neighbours are unlikely to have (but will want after they see yours),  consider looking online for handmade scatter cushions . These are much better quality than the high street alternatives. They are made from better quality fabrics and materials and made to a much higher standard. Selby Soft Furnishings provides a fantastic range of handmade covers that are well worth considering.

Different Types of Scatter Cushions

Based on what is currently available in the market, scatter cushion, cushions can be divided into following types:

  • Square cushions – It is the most basic and simple style. One can here experiment with different fabrics and personalize it by using embroidery.
  • Bordered cushions – These can be of any shape, but have either design on the thick border or the middle portion filled with some pattern and a thick plain border a left blank giving it the look of the photo frame.
  • Hamburger cushions – Except for the height, these are the exact replicas of square cushions. Because of the extra height, these cushions usually use on the sofas. Hamburger cushions are a lot more robust than ordinary scatter cushions.
  • Round cushions – Round cushions are tough to make as it is very difficult to get the exact shape and even more difficult is to ensure than the cushion retains its shape over time. Round cushions can be made with or without the welt. The welts only help in giving the cushion same height.
  • Bolster cushions – Bolster cushions are more chic and are made keeping in mind specific needs, therefore these can be of any shape and size.
  • Box cushions – Last but not the least are box cushions. These are one of the toughest of design. Box cushions are usually used as seats for sofas or as matching back cushions.

Every house has its own sense of style. But one thing common in all houses today, is the use of scatter cushions as a perfect accessory, to push up the glam factor. Today, everyone is enchanted by the elegance and grace of this scatter cushion. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, there will always be a scatter cushion which will make you feel as if it was made only for you.